Rolland G. Riesberg

Rollie’s parents divorced when he was four years old he blamed himself all through his childhood.


Our Philosophy

"LEAVING A LEGACY---for God and Jesus and your family and friends" (Rollie's Help-Story) 
   1. God used Delta Air Lines to bring me and my angel, Loretta together; the year after we married in 1964, she saved my life---she brought me to Jesus! (Dr. Billy Graham brought her to Jesus when she was 8 years old and she brought me to Jesus when I was 27 years old.)
2. Two years before God rescued Loretta from her terrible colon-rectal cancer and brought her back home to Heaven, He asked her to write the story of her life, "God Bless the Moon and God Blessed Me".  Her pain and suffering were so bad, and after God rescued her, He asked me to finish the last half of her book for her and Him.
3. Me and my Christian best friends 'Team of Professionals' are now writing our 5th Book for God and Jesus, "People-Problem Engineers of Life".  It is being written by us to try to help  you and your families solve ALL problems in your lives---with God's love, help, and guidance.
We are here to try to help you Leave A Legacy for God and Jesus and your family and friends like we are trying to do ourselves!  





Yvonne Abraham

Yvonne is married to an amazing man Paul E. Abraham Jr.,

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Don Crick

Don was born in Paducah, Kentucky, to a very loving mother and father.


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Min. Etheridge is married to Teddy Etheridge, Sr. and they are the proud parents of three adult children and two grandsons.
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